Let's be honest, this is a pretty interesting strategy. Anything that involves the word "Rush" in its title is gonna be risky. The reward is a massive air army that is powerful in the late-mid game, really kicking in around the 15 or 16 minute mark.
I am not going to flesh this build out hardcore because it is a higher level build, requiring some good micro and superb macro. Also, the timings below are approximate- this build is pretty fragile. Little changes can throw it pretty far off, so adjust as your game goes.

WhiteRa's Carrier Rush
Forge Fast Expand
2 Gas after Gateway (as opposed to standard 1 Gas)
3rd Gas @ ~50% Cyber Core
Air Weapons lvl 1 @ Cyber Core completion
2 Stargates ~7:00 OR 40 supply
Fleet Beacon and 3rd Gas at Stargate completion
2 Void Rays
2 Carriers and 4th Gas @ Fleet Beacon completion
Graviton Catipult right after Carriers

Things to note about this build.
  • Air Weapons lvl 1: This will work only if your opponent takes a fast 3rd (before 6:00). Otherwise, get Warp Gate tech first. You will want to have it at some point though, as it massively increases your Carrier's damage output.
  • Void Rays or Gateways?: Depends on what you feel like making your army composition. When those two Stargates finish, you can either make the 2 Void Rays as WhiteRa does, or drop a few Gateways, a Twilight, and change your strategy to Chargelot / Carrier, where you have an air support army but a more powerful ground army.
  • Commitment: Around the 15:00 - 16:00 mark, you'll need to decide how heavily to commit. You will either drop a third Stargate and continue to pump Carrier / Void Ray, or back off a bit and choose another tech route. It just depends on how you feel.
  • Offensive: A great time to hit with this attack will be around the 13:00 mark. Your air force should just be ramping up. Don't lose too much though- be prepared to fall back and either defend a third or get a better army!

The following videos are WhiteRa playing a ladder game with this build, and then an analysis of said game, respectively. Be sure to post your thoughts and experiences below!


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